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14 Seater Force Motors (2+1)
Starting from:
City Coimbatore
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :3000/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point & 2 more
Booked 6 times last month
18 Seater Force Motors (2+2)
Starting from:
City Coimbatore
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :3000/-
Fuel Included
Music System & 2 more
12 Seater Force Motors (2+1)
Starting from:
City Coimbatore
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :3000/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point & 4 more

Tempo Traveller for Rent in Coimbatore

A place where business meets business and commuters travel extensively to make a living,’ is how we would define Coimbatore, the second-largest city of Tamil Nadu. Even when we ignore the high level of business prevailing in the city, the pleasant places in Coimbatore are extensively visited. Coimbatore is the initiating point for almost six national highways, and infrastructural development is still on the go for the city. Being a big junction city, home to big businesses and tourism, the flood of people is always on the rise. So, the best suggestion to beat the traffic and expenses is to hire/rent a tempo traveller and travel with ease.

Tempo Traveller is your large personal vehicle that you can use for your travel without actually owning the vehicle. Cabs will surely give you a comfortable travelling experience with the pleasant AC variants. But it won’t be as economic as a tempo traveller for a large group. While the comfort of AC would make you feel good, the limited leg space will begin to bother you 2 to 3 hours down the travel lane. Whereas, if you choose to hire/rent tempo travellers, they will not give your pockets a hard blow the way cabs are prone to. Also, you get all the space to yourself.

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

​Tamil Nadu Lockdown Guidelines

Last Updated on
3rd August 2021
Guidelines Validity​
Extended till 10th August
​Complete Lockdown​
Partial unlock 
​Relaxation timings ​
​(Section 144) Active​
​Restriction within interstate travel
​Restriction within intrastate travel​
​Restriction within Local city travel​
RTPCR Negative Test required to enter the state
​RTPCR Negative Test report required to travel Outstation​
​Occupancy restriction​
​Tourist Destinations​
​E-Pass required to travel​
​Entry to the Specific States which are Not Allowed from the above source​
​All the hill stations / tourist places travelling is restricted
Follow instructions as per Govt guidelines to travel to destinations
​E-Pass Link​

Safety+ with Bus Hire

Your safety is our utmost Priority
Hand Sanitizers
in all vehicles
Deep cleaning
of vehicles
Regular staff body
temperature checks
No Blankets /
Linen provided
Masks worn by
all staff

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown several industries into turmoil with multiple lockdowns happening and being enforced through many parts of India. With lockdown orders and inter and intrastate movement getting relaxed, people are looking at hiring buses for several reasons. From returning to their loved ones back home or getting back to their workplaces, people are slowly moving towards a sense of normality when it comes to travel. And with such booking requests coming in, redBus would like to shed some light on some of the safety measures that bus service providers follow before and after every booking:

Mandatory use of Masks: Passengers and staff are not permitted to enter the bus without using a protective mask. The bus staff and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks at all times during their journey.

Deep cleaning: Buses are subjected to a series of deep cleaning procedures to ensure that every vehicle (Tempo, bus, etc.) is disinfected after every trip.

Temperature Checks: Along with the passengers, every staff member on board undergoes regular temperature checks. The bus staff is checked periodically before every trip as well.

Blankets and Linens: Passengers are advised to carry their blankets and linens as the bus service provider would not provide the same to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizers: Every vehicle that's available for hire through redBus comes equipped with hand sanitisers.

Advisories: Along with several notifications that redBus provides its passengers to ensure that they are kept safe, passengers are also requested to stay at home if they exhibit any symptom associated with coronavirus.

The pandemic is something new that we might not have experienced before. And it doesn't look like that pandemic is going to go away anytime soon. You can ensure that you stay safe while also keeping your neighbours' safety in mind. You can even click here to find out about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status, precautions to follow, important state helpline numbers, and make sure you read about Safety+ and more with redBus.

Unlock Guidelines for Tempo Traveller in Coimbatore for Rent

The covid situation in Tamil Nadu is getting better slowly. However, for complete recovery, the state government has imposed some restrictions. The unlock guidelines for tempo travellers in Coimbatore on rent are as follows:

  • The current unlock guidelines in Coimbatore have been extended until the 9th of September as per the government's order. 

  • Except for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can offer prayers at pilgrimage sites in Coimbatore.

  • If you hire a tempo traveller in Coimbatore, you can travel only with 70% occupancy. This restriction has been imposed to ensure social distancing and prevent the spread of infection.

  • Make sure to not travel to containment zones. Except for essential services, nothing else will be operational in these spots. 

  • If you hire a tempo traveller to Coimbatore from another state, you will have to apply for an e-pass. You have to visit the official website of the state government to apply for one.

  • Interstate and intrastate travel from Coimbatore is allowed via a tempo traveller. However, if you come from Maharashtra and Kerala, you may be subjected to home quarantine as per the order from the authorities. Passengers arriving from Maharashtra and Kerala to Tamil Nadu have to show the RT-PCR report.

  • You will have to use a face mask at all times while travelling in a tempo traveller in Coimbatore.  

Hire a Traveller in Coimbatore With redBus

What if you wish to go for a family getaway, but your weekend mood goes sour just because the travelling expenses are too high? Solution? Hire/rent tempo traveller. What if you are new to Coimbatore and are figuring out ways to make your tour an economic one? Solution? Hire/rent tempo traveller. For all your travel needs mentioned above, redBus Tempo Traveller will fill your journey with absolute comfort and ease at a much cheaper rate.

redBus tempo traveller service is an option that not only saves your time through easy online bookings but also ensures that the ride itself is comfortable by providing quality tempo service. redBus ensures that the vehicle assigned to you is in top condition to make your journey a happy one. You can also take advantage of van booking in Coimbatore.

We would want to unapologetically claim that you can never regret if you board a Tempo Traveller booked with redBus. With the diverse range of seating and prices, you can pick a package that best suits your budget. Moreover, with proven associations with the best drivers and credibility that redBus carries, your journey in redBus tempo traveller is undoubtedly a safe one. If you can travel with absolutely the same comfort level as cabs (rather more comfort if you were to ask us), but at cheaper rates, we don’t think you’ll want to miss this opportunity. You can also book van in Coimbatore.

Things to know before booking a tempo traveller in Coimbatore with redBus Hire

Coimbatore is a popular city visited by many people. You can rent a tempo traveller in Coimbatore via redBus at affordable rates. 

The key points to remember before booking a tempo traveller in Coimbatore via redBus are:

  • You can choose the vehicle based on seating capacity like 14-seater, 12-seater, 18-seater, etc. 

  • The average rate for renting a tempo traveller in Coimbatore on redBus is INR 11000 for a total of 900 KMs. 

  • You will receive operator quotes by mail that you can use for comparing the prices of various tempo travellers on rent. 

  • You can rent a tempo traveller in Coimbatore with a driver on redBus. The average driver charge is INR 500 per day.

  • You can view the images of the vehicle on redBus before renting it. You can also refer to the customer reviews and ratings. 

  • These tempo travellers in Coimbatore are equipped with various amenities like a music system, overhead storage, charging point, etc. 

  • redBus offers Safety+ tempo travellers on rent in Coimbatore, which means that various safety measures against the recent COVID pandemic are followed. All the tempo travellers in Coimbatore are sanitised beforehand. 

  • You can rent a tempo traveller in Coimbatore for touring the city. The top tourist attractions of Coimbatore are Marudhamalai Hill Temple, Monkey Falls, VOC Park & Zoo, and Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park. Some of the top eateries in Coimbatore are Kowloon, Denmark Drive-Inn Restaurant, and Haribhavanam. 

Tempo Traveller on Rent in Coimbatore

The second-largest city of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is also one of the densest cities of the state. Other than a vast population living in the city, Coimbatore is extensively visited by outsiders as well. So if you are planning for a weekend getaway in Coimbatore with your family and friends, make your experience comfortable and memorable by booking a tempo traveller in Coimbatore on rent. Check out some fantastic packages and deals on redBus to rent a tempo traveller for business trips, wedding functions or a trip to a pilgrimage.

Travelling in the present scenario of Covid-19 may raise a lot of health safety questions. But if you are travelling with redBus you don't need to think even twice about your safety. redBus considers the safety of the passengers as the most significant responsibility. All the tempo travellers registered with redBus follow every precautionary guideline issued by the authorities.

You can hire a bus from redBus online
following these steps:

  •  Go to the redBus portal and enter 'City of Hire,''Starting Point' & 'Destination'

  •  Click search

  •  redBus will bring the best operators at
    affordable prices

  •  Select the bus operator and confirm the

Benefits of Booking A Bus Online

When you book online, the following benefits are offered:

  • Inventory - Access to leading vehicle providers in the city

  • Zero booking fee - Transparent booking. No hidden fee

  • Choose vehicle - Check vehicle images before making any choice

Best Places to Visit with Tempo Traveller in Coimbatore

There are many beautiful places in Coimbatore. The very amusing Kovai Kondattam amusement park or the very famous Marudhamalai temple and other beautiful places that your eyes can adore. The best sites require your best energy when you reach your favourite spot. This is why you can’t be tired at the time of choosing your vehicle and lose all the interest when you reach the destination. Hire/rent tempo traveller on redBus.

redBus goes the extra mile to make sure that you will have a promising journey with the help of Bus Hire. The best quote reaches you only after Bus Hire is thoroughly satisfied with the information you have provided. You can add multiple places of your liking and accordingly, sturdy tempo travellers will be at your doorstep at your mentioned timing. You now have a chance to enjoy your journey with complete comfort and ease only with Bus Hire.

​Want to Know More?

Drop your query at bushire@redbus.in to get all your questions answered.

​Get the exact vehicle that you see in your quotation

Planning is of utmost importance for any kind of travel and one should be extra cautious these days, especially when hiring another vehicle. The Hire facility with redBus is a problem-free process that assures a clean and sanitized vehicle along with trustworthy drivers at your service.

The beauty of redBus Hire is that you can book the vehicle completely online. You can search, inspect, and view the buses, cars, and tempo travellers that are available for rent before you can confirm the booking. We also ensure that the vehicle that you see on the quotation that’s shred is the exact vehicle that you will get at the start of your journey. This eliminates any personal inspection that the customer would have to make to ensure that the vehicle that they get on the day of their journey is the same vehicle that they booked. Everything is exactly the same, down to the last digit on the license plate.

Here is how it works:

After entering the details of your journey, you will see the most recent pictures of the vehicle, vehicle number, number of times the vehicle has been hired with redBus, model number, and even the date of registration of the vehicle. A few key points that you can keep in mind:

  • The vehicle and the drivers are approved by redBus and are chosen according to the ratings provided by the customers.
  • The vehicle that you choose on the redBus Hire platform will be the very same vehicle that will be delivered to you at the start of the trip.
  • If you do not get the same vehicle that you saw at the time of booking due to any unforeseen reason, you will get a 25% refund.

redBus hire is here to ensure that your booking process is done without any unknown variables in mind. Once your booking is done with us, you don’t have to worry about the vehicle that you’ve been promised nor do you have to worry about its ability to get you from point A to B. We believe in complete transparency to ensure that you get the very best booking experience with redBus Hire.

Customer Reviews

The overall experience is very good our driver name is laxmi narayan he is very good gentle person.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2021-01-14with 12 People for a holiday
On time. Hassle free.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2020-10-11with 12 People for a holiday
Good and professional driver.Bus Quality was also Good.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-12-24with 12 People for a holiday
The ride was awesome. Very comfortable vehicle. Kids enjoyed disco lights during night drive. Driver was very courteous.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-05-17with 14 People for a holiday
It was a nice journey.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-05-11with 13 People for a holiday
Good journey.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-03-22with 14 People for a holiday
All fine but they ask extra money. They office to my house distance money 400/-.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-03-03with 14 People for a holiday
Actually I asked for an air conditioned bus and it was not an ac bus , as my clients were coming from thailand, they felt a little awkward till the high range starts and later it was okay.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2019-01-11with 14 People for a holiday
A memorable trip ever. Such a polite and humble driver. On time pickup and drop. I would recommend Arasu transport and the driver Murugan.
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2018-10-06with 8 People for a holiday
Quality Service rendered, Value for money...
Traveled to Coimbatore on 2018-09-12with 14 People for a holiday

Pricing Table

Bus TypeStarting Price Per KmDriver Charges
12 Seater TempoTraveller in CoimbatoreRS. 16RS. 500
14 Seater TempoTraveller in CoimbatoreRS. 22RS. 500
18 Seater TempoTraveller in CoimbatoreRS. 25RS. 500


Frequently Asked Questions

● We have access to leading vehicle providers in the city ● Our prices are straight, without any hidden charges ● You get to look at vehicle images that you will be provided for travel ● Everyone desires personal comfort, and redBus provides you with that by spacious seats ● Tempo traveller services by redBus are much preferred by people everywhere

Payment methods vary from operator to operator. However, you’ll be required to pay at least 50% in advance to secure your booking and the remaining amount on the successful completion of your trip.

<span> <ul class='list'> <li>&bull; redBus displays a list of best operators from around the city</li><br> <li>&bull; Once you select the operator, you will be provided with the vehicle pictures</li><br> <li>&bull; Only when you are satisfied and make the requested payment, the vehicle will be allotted to you</li><br> </ul> </span>

The tempo traveller service cost varies from operator to operator. It is also dependent of the seating capacity of the traveller.

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

Please email us at bushire@redbus.in

All the drivers of the tempo travellers are well aware of all the routes and locations. You can still view the dropping locations in Coimbatore using the redBus application. You can also check the boarding points at your location through the app itself.

You can check all the available tempo travellers according to your preferences through the redBus app. You can make your bookings for a 12-seater, 15-seater and an 18-seater tempo traveller in Coimbatore through the app. All the amenities are included in the rent.

The exact price of the whole package as per the scheduled date can be checked through the redBus app. However, the company charges per kilometre prices for the tempo travellers. The per kilometre price specifically for an 18-seater tempo traveller in Coimbatore is Rs.22.

Earlier, blankets used to be a part of the amenities being provided in the tempo travellers. Considering the current situation of Covid-19, the company protocol has asked not to provide personal blankets to the passengers to avoid direct or indirect physical contact. Passengers are advised to carry their blankets while travelling as of now.

All the tempo travellers in Coimbatore are quite spacious. There is a special space for accommodating the luggage at the back of the tempo travellers. Passengers don’t have to adjust their luggage under or over their seats so that they can experience a comfortable journey.