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50 Seater Ashok Leyland /Non AC (2+3)
New Deccan Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
Sri Tirumala Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
Sri Vinayaka Travels (Ramnagar)
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
Jogulamba Travels
50 Seater Ashok Leyland /Non AC (2+3)
Santosh Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
6th Gear Tours And Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC (2+2)
Atithi Tours and Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
Kuldeep Travels
40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC /Non AC (2+2)
Yashasvini Travels
34 Seater Bharat Benz AC (2+2)
Guru Travels

redBus Bus Booking Services

Hyderabad is a city with few parallels in India. Historically important and culturally modern, the city is replete with wonderful sights and sounds. On your next visit to Hyderabad, you and your group would like to explore the city in full, taking in the cultural scene, tourist hangouts, shopping and restaurants. What better way to do this than to opt for a bus for rent/hire in Hyderabad?

Why Hiring A Bus In Hyderabad Works For You

Vibrant Hyderabad offers so many attractions that you would need at least a week to see all of its popular tourist places. From the Charminar to Ramoji Film City, and from the Golconda Fort to the Qutab Shahi Fort, there are so many tourist places to go check out. Apart from the tourist spots, there are several eateries to check out for the most succulent kebabs, biryanis and rolls! Hyderabad is also famous for its shopping bazaars and handicraft stores.

But touring the city as a group is a mammoth task if you don’t have the right vehicle at your disposal. The city’s traffic is already quite dense, and it does not help to add a fleet of individual cars to the traffic chaos. Instead, you should just get a bus for rent/hire in Hyderabad from a reliable bus hiring company like redBus.

Travelling together in the same rented/hired bus keeps the group in good spirits. There is no question of half or part of the group being left behind or reaching some of the tourist spots before others. You can arrive and leave at the same time, with a wonderful luxury bus at your disposal. Contact us today to make your Hyderabad trip a roaring success, by taking a bus for hire/rent in Hyderabad.

Whether for a work trip, an overnight picnic or a short tour, renting/hiring a bus in Hyderabad is the best way to get a group around the city. You can easily book a bus from a leading bus hire company like redBus, which has a wide range of buses with different seating capacities to choose from. redBus has many luxury coach buses in these variants: city bus, tourist bus, minibus, sleeper Volvo bus and semi seater bus (in both AC and non AC types).

Contact us today to get your travel plans in Hyderabad sorted. We get you the most suitable bus for your trip with just a few clicks.

Our Buses in Hyderabad

Currently, redBus operates in Hyderabad with buses of the following capacity:

  • • 18 Seater Bus

  • • 20 Seater Bus

  • • 21 Seater Bus

  • • 22 Seater Bus

  • • 30 Seater Bus

  • • 35 Seater Bus

  • • 50 Seater Bus

  • Extras You Get with A redBus Booking

  • • Push Back Seats

  • • Neat and Clean Seat Covers and plush interiors

  • • First Aid Box

  • • LED Television (optional)

  • • Music Player (optional)

  • • Good Luggage Space

  • • Friendly, punctual and experienced drivers

  • How To Book A Bus With redBus

    At redBus, we believe that convenience and transparency are at the heart of every successful bus booking. Here’s how you can hire/rent a bus in Hyderabad with redBus:

  • • We will prompt you for some basic details: the city of hire (input ‘Hyderabad’), the start and end point (whether within Hyderabad or outstation) and press ‘Hire’. Please be specific with this information and also provide data on whether you need any intermittent stops on the way. This gives us an idea of the kilometres that need to be covered for the trip, and we can figure out the total price as per the kilometres covered.

  • • Based on the above data and your budget, we give you quotes from our operators who can provide the bus for your trip.

  • • Study the quotes that appeal to you, and determine your route one final time. The most important criterion is the seating capacity of the bus. You will need an exact head count of the group before specifying the seating capacity of the bus. Don’t worry – you can change your requirement even after paying, but before commencing the journey.

  • • Once you are satisfied that you have the right bus for the trip, you can pay 50% advance amount to confirm the booking. The balance amount must be paid before the trip commences.

  • • At redBus, we believe in complete transparency in all billing. We present customers with detailed bills including per kilometre charge and taxes. We do not levy booking charges on customers for any of our trips.

  • • Start and complete your journey to your satisfaction, only with redBus!

  • Talk to Us
    Drop your query at bushire@redbus.in to get all your questions answered. We are glad to answer all your questions to ensure a smooth booking process.

    Things to know about Bus Hire in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is one of the metropolitan cities of India characterized by its fantastic food and history. Hyderabad is home to the iconic monuments and heritage buildings like Charminar and Golconda. This city of Nawabs gives its travellers a lot of options to explore. Pearls, biryanis, Irani Chai, handcrafted items, tombs and monuments, the famous Ramoji Film City, Parks, and food street never cease to captivate its visitors.

    If you are travelling in groups and want to explore the beauty of this charming city, then you have to hire a bus online and enjoy it to the maximum. You can hire a bus in Hyderabad with a seating capacity of 18 to 50-seaters.

    Hiring a bus in Hyderabad is now relatively easy. Select reliable bus services while hiring your bus. You can choose services like redBus to employ a bus following three simple procedures. Visit the site and give the details of your trip, Select the operators within your budget, select the bus type of your choice and then you are good to go. It is also easy to make the payment while hiring the bus. You can book a bus by just paying 25% of the amount. The rest of the cost can be done quickly using any mode of payment like UPI, credit card, debit card, net banking, or even paying to the driver.

    Though the current pandemic situation hit us unexpectedly, people are slowly recovering and getting back on track by taking the utmost care. The bus providers are keen on providing the safest experience to their passengers. They follow a set of preventive measures to ensure safety:

    • Mandatory wearing of a mask throughout the journey.
    • Provision of sanitizers to the passengers.
    • Deep cleaning the vehicles before every journey.
    • Thermal check of staff and passengers before every journey.

    Also, keep in mind the following instructions for your journey:

    • Follow the state guidelines before travelling to any place.
    • Follow all the necessary precautions before and during your travel.
    • Rely on dependable sources for online booking of buses.

    Get the exact vehicle that you see in your quotation

    Planning is a crucial step that needs to be perfected for any kind of journey, and one should be extra cautious these days, especially when hiring a vehicle online. The Hire facility with redBus is a problem-free process where customers are provided with clean and sanitized vehicles along with trustworthy drivers at your service.

    The beauty of redBus Hire is that you can book your desired vehicle entirely online. You can search, inspect, and view the buses, cars, and tempo travellers available for rent before you can finalize your booking. We also ensure that the vehicle you see on the quotation that's shared is the exact vehicle you will get to begin your journey. This eliminates any personal inspection that the customer would have to make to ensure that the vehicle they get on the day of their trip is the same vehicle they booked. Everything is the same, down to the last digit on the license plate.

    Here is how it works:

    After entering the details of your journey, you will see the vehicle's most recent pictures, vehicle number, number of times the vehicle has been hired with redBus, model number, and even the date of registration of the vehicle. A few key points that you can keep in mind:

    • The vehicle and the drivers are approved by redBus and are chosen according to the customers' ratings.
    • The vehicle that you select on the redBus Hire platform will be the same vehicle delivered to you at the start of the trip.
    • If you do not get the same vehicle that you saw at the time of booking for any unforeseen reason, you will get a 25% refund.

    redBus Hire is here to ensure that your booking process is done without any unknown variables in mind. Once your booking is made with us, you don't have to worry about the vehicle you've been promised or worry about its ability to get you from point A to B. We believe in complete transparency to ensure that you get the very best booking experience with redBus Hire.

    Bus TypeMake/Brand/CapacityPrice/Km
    40 Seater in Hyderabad40 Seater Ashok Leyland AC (2+2)RS. 49
    45 Seater in Hyderabad45 Seater Volvo AC (2+2)RS. 90
    50 Seater in Hyderabad50 Seater Ashok Leyland Non AC (2+3)RS. 45
    How do I book a bus for hire/rent in Hyderabad?
    Simply write to us and answer a few questions about your trip. We match you with the best operators based on your inputs and offer you a range of buses to book from.
    Can I trust the driver?
    All our drivers are experienced and well-trained for the job.
    Are the buses in good condition?
    All our buses are regularly serviced and in great condition. You will never have complaints about the quality of the buses we rent out.
    How does redBus bill me?
    We charge per kilometre. We share the route and the total distance with you. For an outstation trip, we calculate the kilometres based on the distance between origin point and destination. If there are extra kilometres added within the city, these are not added to the journey. Kilometres from the operator’s garage to the starting point are also not calculated.
    What happens if the bus breaks down?
    Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey
    How are the Kilometers calculated?
    In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.
    Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
    Please email us at bushire@redbus.in
    What are the famous tourist attractions of Hyderabad?
    Hyderabad is known for its unique flavours, culture, and history. Some of the tourist sites to visit are Charminar, Golconda Fort, Ramoji Film City, Wonderla, Hyderabad Zoo, Birla Mandir, Jalavihar, Salarjung Museum, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini park/ Tank Bund, Hussain Sagar Lake, Snow World, Laad Bazaar, NTR Gardens, Himayat Sagar, Shamirpet lake, Indira Park, Lotus Pond, and KBR National Park.
    Do I have to pay any booking charges to hire a bus in Hyderabad?
    Bus booking services like redBus do not charge any amount for the booking. There are no hidden costs, and the charges are transparent to the user.
    How much does it cost to rent a 50-seater bus in Hyderabad?
    It varies depending upon the type of bus, and on other features it includes. The minimum charge for a Non-AC 50 seater bus in Hyderabad may cost around Rs.42.
    What are the advantages of hiring a bus using redBus?
    Hiring a bus in Hyderabad using redBus provides you with comfortable push back seats, neat & clean seat covers, a first aid box, LED television, a good music player, enough storage space for luggage, and experienced and certified drivers.
    What are the types of buses available in Hyderabad that can be hired? Are they available during the pandemic situation?
    You can rent Volvo buses, AC & Non-AC buses, AC & Non-AC mini-buses, etc as per your travel needs. As the covid pandemic hit the world, Hyderabad had almost gone to a standstill. With the lockdown entering a new phase, people are getting back on track by taking all the precautionary measures. There are a few bus service providers who have started renting out vehicles following all the precautionary measures like sanitizing, maintaining social distancing, performing regular temperature screening, etc.